PS5 Cloud Streaming Is Now Available for PS Plus Premium Members in Europe 1
Image: Push Square

Update: As previously promised, Sony has rolled out support for PS5 cloud streaming in North America for PS Plus Premium subscribers. As is the case in Europe, games that support the feature will be denoted by an icon on the dashboard.

Original Article: And just like that, the functionality of PS Plus Premium has expanded in Europe, with PS5 streaming now officially available within select countries across the continent. Sony is slowly rolling the feature out around the world, with Japan getting access last week and North America to follow from around 30th October.

You’ll be able to stream select games either from the PS Plus tab on the system’s main menu, or from the product page of titles you have in your Game Library. It’s worth noting, though, that not every game will support streaming. The functionality will extend to limited time Game Trials, however, so you won’t necessarily need to download a massive file to try a title out.

Remember, the Japanese giant is significantly upping the quality of its streaming for this feature, so you’ll be able to play in 2160p at 60 frames-per-second – assuming you have the bandwidth to cope with it. Indeed, you’ll need at least a 52mbps connection in order to benefit from 4K streaming, so you may want to consider upgrading your Internet plan.

We had a little fool around with the feature earlier and it all worked as intended with Gotham Knights, so we’ll consider this rollout a success for now. The question is: will you be making use of the functionality, and in which circumstances do you envisage yourself streaming PS5 games over the cloud?