New PS5 Icon Denotes Which Games Can Be Streamed with PS Plus 1
Image: Push Square

Sony’s added a new icon to the PS5’s user interface to demonstrate which games can be streamed. You’ll see the symbol – a kind of cloud shape with a PS Plus logo next to it – on the home screen, as well as on tiles in your Game Library. If you press options then you’ll be given the option to stream, assuming you’re a PS Plus Premium subscriber.

Obviously, this new cloud streaming functionality is still rolling out around the world, with Europe and Japan getting initial access, and North America scheduled to follow from around 30th October. In addition to digital titles you’ve purchased, the functionality will also be available for select PS Plus games and Game Trials, which should make testing out titles much easier than before.

The Japanese giant has also been working on the overall quality of its cloud streaming tech, with 4K video output at up to 60 frames-per-second now supported. Obviously, you’ll need a sturdy Internet connection in order to benefit from the highest quality video footage, but it’s nice to see the platform holder continue to iterate on this area of its services