PS Store Ad Suggests The Last of Us 2 May Be Heading to PS Plus 1
Image: Push Square

Update: A bunch of games coming to PS Plus Extra this month have leaked. According to the report, The Last of Us: Part II is not among them.

Original Story: Sony might have inadvertently revealed one of the games heading to PS Plus Extra's game catalogue in the near future, and it's a big one. The Last of Us: Part II, one of PS4's best games, appears to be coming to the subscription service.

That's according to a new promotional tile on the PS5's PS Store (spotted by TwistedVoxel). In it, we see a trio of games: Horizon Forbidden West, which is already on PS Plus Extra; Hogwarts Legacy, which currently has a game trial on PS Plus Premium; and The Last of Us: Part II, which currently isn't on the service at all. Placing the Naughty Dog sequel alongside a PS Plus ad leads to the conclusion the game is due to make the leap.

PS Store Ad Suggests The Last of Us 2 May Be Heading to PS Plus 2
Image: Push Square

Sony should be announcing new additions to PS Plus Extra and Premium this week (Wednesday 11th October), so the timing more or less lines up as well. We suppose it may not be part of October's lineup, and may arrive later, but its appearance in a PS Plus ad seems strange if it's not coming soon.

The platform holder has been putting its first-party titles onto PS Plus Extra fairly regularly, with the likes of Forbidden West and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection joining earlier this year. It makes sense to get Ellie and Abby's intense action adventure on there, too.

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