Remember Puddlegate? The world seemed simpler in 2018 when the hottest debate topic amongst vocal segments of the PlayStation audience was whether or not developer Insomniac Games had "downgraded" the visual fidelity of a puddle for the final release of Marvel's Spider-Man. In reality, the puddle had been moved, and the lighting changed following its debut at E3 in 2017.

Still, it was a thing for a brief moment, and it seems that for some at Insomniac, the matter was taken personally in the fashion popularised by Michael Jordan. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features some of the most relentlessly detailed puddles yet conceived for an open world action game, which seems pointed to us, especially considering how much time players will spend in the air.

With the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 almost upon us, reviews are out in the wild, and press, content creators, and industry folks with access have been posting impressions of the game. On YouTube, GamerInVoid devoted an entire segment to comparing these new puddles with those of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, which you can see above.

Over on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, Shinobi602 shared GamerInVoid's analysis, prompting a response from the official Insomniac account, which revelled in this moment of ultimate victory.

Do you think Insomniac has vindicated its puddle-craft? Post your critiques in the comments section below.