Improved PSVR2 Rails Shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Adds Horde Mode 1

The dramatically improved PSVR2 rails shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – which was a dismal experience on day one – has quietly added a Horde Mode in a free post-release update. The press release teases: “New horde mode! Will you survive the rooms of doom?”

It adds: “On this sinister horror rollercoaster, you are being dragged right back down to hell – you’ll be confronted by swarms of enemies in this new nightmarish mode, complete each room to get increasingly harder enemies and survive attacks from all manner of hideous apparitions straight from the depths of the hell.”

The blurb teases that players can expect more “extreme” rollercoaster rides than in the core campaign – a common complaint aimed at the release back at launch. “Hold on tight as your cart hits new speeds and even bigger drops,” developer Supermassive Games says.

The update is available now as a free expansion pack for the core game. You may recall that this title originally launched in a sorry state, but the UK-based developer spent a lot of time improving the experience in a post-release patch, which massively improved the visuals and loading times.