Despite being billed as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, rails shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was dismally disappointing at launch. While its gameplay was tired, it also looked surprisingly bad: low resolution and blurry, with bad textures across the board. Honestly, it didn’t feel like it was running on the superior PSVR2 hardware.

Now a new 8GB patch has released, transforming the presentation. While we haven’t had a chance to try it ourselves yet, early impressions are resoundingly positive, with Reddit fans reporting much higher quality textures, deeper blacks, and improved fidelity across the board. Unfortunately, it sounds like the gameplay hasn’t been tuned, so this is purely a presentation thing.

Of course, while the title should never have released in the state it did, Supermassive Games probably deserves some credit for going back to the drawing board and upping the overall quality like this. Time permitting, we’ll dig out our PSVR2 headset and pen some updated impressions ASAP, but it’s good to hear this game has been massively improved after its disastrous launch.

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