Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Figure

Size isn't everything, but if it were, then this monstrous 21-inch Venom figure from Hot Toys would be the talk of the town. That's not to diminish the 19-inch Venom statue already shipping for those who picked up Marvel's Spider-Man 2's pricey Collector's Edition, which is also great, just undeniably smaller.

Standing at 1/6 scale, that's a whole lot of symbiote, and the statuesque figurine comes packing all the accoutrements you'd expect: tendrils, tentacles, and three different types of tongues. It'll set you back a paltry USD $455 (around £371), and pre-orders are now live. Orders are expected to ship in late 2024, so you'd better get a wriggle on. Click on the pics below to behold them in their true glory:

Is 21 inches of Venom too much, or just enough? Or do you prefer the more familiar original 19-inch statue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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