Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 PlayStation

If PlayStation UK's provocative advertisement for Marvel's Spider-Man 2's Collector's Edition wasn't enough to entice, maybe Square Enix has the goods to loosen those purse strings. Now available for preorder, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Collector's Edition comes with some tantalising extras, including a girthy bust of the long boy himself: Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel (the wing is detachable).

For the low price of just $349.99 or £349.99, a 19-inch Static Arts statue of Final Fantasy VII antagonist (and occasional ally) Sephiroth could be yours to enjoy. There are some seriously tantalising extras, like an exclusive steelbook case, mini-soundtrack CD, hardback artbook, and some digital in-game goodies. Thankfully, you also get a copy of the game.

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