Do you dream of high-flying feats of derring do? If yes, then perhaps we could tempt you with a revamped Project Wingman in the form of Frontline 59, which comes with all-new content and specific PSVR2 enhancements, and it's out today.

You play as a mercenary in an alternate-history Earth engulfed by war, selling your services as an ace pilot to the highest bidder. Across a wide variety of game modes and mission types, engage in aerial dogfights and support ground forces, going up against overwhelming odds.

The Frontline 59 content is made up of six new missions, specifically built with VR in mind for the most immersive experience. Players on PS5 without the required headset can still play through these missions, too.

What do you think of Project Wingman: Frontline 59? Does this look like something that would have you buckling into the cockpit? Let us know in the comments section below.