Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.02
Image: Push Square

CD Projekt Red has announced patch 2.02 for Cyberpunk 2077. It's a minor update overall, but if you've been getting stuck into the open world RPG following the release of Phantom Liberty, it contains a smattering of very welcome fixes for outstanding issues.

Here's the quick patch notes direct from the developer:

  • V will no longer flatline after entering the Delamain AV in Path of Glory.
  • Fixed the shutters blocking entry to Black Sapphire in Run This Town.
  • Fixed an issue where cyberware could get downgraded to Tier 1 after updating the game to 2.01.
  • Fixed skill progression passives.
  • Rebalanced the timers in courier missions.
  • Added the possibility to mark vehicles as Favorites in the Call Vehicle menu.

Again, these are all welcome improvements. The courier missions in particular have been causing a stir with players, as the time limits are often outrageous to the point where it's actually impossible to complete bonus objectives. It's also nice to see that passive perks are being tweaked, as the community recently discovered that a lot of them simply aren't working as intended.

We assume patch 2.02 will launch next week, but have you been anticipating these fixes? Finally complete those courier missions in the comments section below.