Publisher Blizzard has pulled a trailer for Diablo 4's imminent Season of Blood (launching 17th October) after players pointed out a few glaring issues, a prime example of why you should never show your mathematical workings. Ostensibly meant to build excitement, the live service's laser-focused community quickly tore into its inconsistencies.

Youtuber Raxxanterax breaks down the issues in the above video. They include incorrectly labelled dungeon maps, a comparison of relative horse speed that appears to depict no discernable difference, and a snowballing series of mathematical blunders meant to illustrate how XP gains have been boosted.

Raxxanterax offered some constructive feedback for publisher Activision Blizzard and even offered to help out next time (through tears of laughter), stating: "Blizzard, I’m trying to build some hype for the season, but you’re making it real hard. BlizzCon’s coming up; if you want to send me the slides ahead of time, give me an NDA to double-check."

Microsoft's monstrous $69 billion buyout of Activision Blizzard was finalised on the same inauspicious day the trailer was published, on Friday, 13th October. Perhaps everyone at the company was keen to get down to the pub and celebrate, or it could be that the errors were caused by some sinister cosmic entity, one that chose that particular date to strike; we'll let you decide.

Are you looking forward to Diablo 4's Season of Blood, despite Blizzard's best efforts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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