Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.0 Notes

Blizzard has dropped the details on update 1.2.0 for Diablo 4, which is set to release next week, on the 17th October. All in all, this is looking like another step in the right direction, with a slew of positive changes coming to itemisation, character builds, and the structure of endgame content.

It feels like Diablo 4 has struggled to stay in the general gaming conversation over the last few months. The action RPG undoubtedly impressed at launch back in June, but more hardcore players quickly found problems — especially when it came to post-campaign content. Its seasonal stuff didn't hit as hard as it should have, either, and so Blizzard's been playing catch-up ever since.

Still, it's big updates like this that can give the title a shot in the arm. The new patch notes are massive so we won't be posting everything on this page for the sake of our sanity, but we've gathered the main points for you below:

  • New unique items, legendary aspects, and paragon glyphs
  • Numerous user interface improvements
  • Numerous dungeon improvements
  • Numerous endgame activity improvements
  • Enemies and bosses have been rebalanced across the board for the new season
  • Broadly increased experience gains
  • Balance updates to unique items, damage resistances, armour, and damage types
  • Balance updates for all character classes
  • A lot of bug fixes

Dare we ask if you're still playing Diablo 4? Might you be tempted to return to Sanctuary once this update hits? Try to remember your build in the comments section below.

[source news.blizzard.com]