Alan Wake 2 PS5

Finnish team Remedy has revealed its upcoming PS5 survival horror game Alan Wake 2 will be its longest yet, clocking in at more than 20 hours. Creative director Sam Lake shared the respective playtime in the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Games Daily show, revealing the studio has wanted to makes its games longer for some time. "So Control was our longest game to date, and Alan Wake 2 is going to be longer than that — 20 hours plus," he said.

Lake explained Remedy felt the pressure to extend playtimes due to the monetary value perspective some consumers use when deciding to buy a game. The longer a game is, the more worth it has to some buyers. Same Lake then added that one way Alan Wake 2 has been made longer is by adding more worth to the series' classic thermos flasks. Now, they'll act as the item you save your game with like in a classic Resident Evil title.

Alan Wake 2 will be split across two campaigns — one from the perspective of returning protagonist Alan Wake and a new character in FBI agent Saga Anderson. The PS5 game is set to release on 27th October 2023 as a digital-only title. Are you looking forward to a lengthier Alan Wake experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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