We’re a little over a month away from the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 now, and Insomniac Games is really starting to build the enthusiasm with a selection of character posters showing off some of the key character models from the game. Previously, the Burbank developer showed off Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their respective suits – and now it’s followed up with a couple of villain renders.

Of note is this image of Dr. Curt Connors as the Lizard. We knew that the character was going to be in the game as he’s been teased in previous trailers, but this is our first taste of the character in all of his scaly glory. The design definitely errs more towards realism here: we’re clearly looking at a reptile-type figure, with a long spiny tail and forked tongue.

The other artwork released by Insomniac Games focuses on Venom, a character we’ve seen a few times now. He continues to look intentionally intimidating in this leaping pose, with his broad shoulder muscles and packed jaw of teeth. Which foe are you most looking forward to fighting in the game? Get webbed in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]