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Now that the excellent Baldur's Gate 3 has been out in the wild for a while, all kinds of interesting data can be gleaned, such as how players, from the safety and privacy of their own homes, choose to experience an innovative new RPG. Thanks to stats provided by developer Larian Studios and posted on the PlayStation Blog, when given nearly limitless options, we now know that most people pretty much want to play the same way they did in Skyrim, as a stealthy archer.

In an illuminating graph, we learned that the most popular multiclass build, shockingly, is Rogue/Ranger, with more than 175,000 players falling back on the reliable tactic of sniping unsuspecting foes from range. The next two builds are equally revealing: 150,000 loved pummeling things so much that they ran Barbarian/Fighter, and another 109,00 went with Barbarian/Paladin, which is for players who like to talk to their victims briefly before the beatings begin.

BG3 multiclass

Things start to make more sense the further down you go. Any combination of Paladin/Warlock/Sorcerer/Bard can be made to be quite interesting, provided the character has a high Charisma stat. This is because these classes use their Charisma to cast spells and certain abilities, in addition to making them better at interacting with NPCs outside of combat.

Something that Baldur's Gate 3 does better than previous games in the series, playing a single class all the way through feels fantastic, which is what we suspect most players are doing. A pure Fighter or Wizard become so powerful by the end of the game that we don't blame you for not mixing things up!

BG3 class
BG3 race

If you want to face some real moral quandaries, play as a Tiefling Oathbreaker Paladin, Dark Urge Origin (which you must try and resist); maybe add a little Bard for further flavour. Or you can play pseudo-Aragorn for the umpteenth time. Let us know what imaginative build you came up with in the comments section below.