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Stardew Valley creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has given fans something tangible to look forward to, with an outline of what the eagerly anticipated 1.6 update entails. While there is still sadly no release date, it has some pretty cool stuff to look forward to, and it's not like the life-consuming farm management sim really needed to be more fully featured.

The addition of a major and two mini festivals should spice up the social calendar a little, and late-game content expands each of the core skill areas, something else to work towards. There are new items and crafting recipes, an additional farm type, secrets to uncover, and even Joja-specific alternatives to some end-game quests. While perhaps less flashy, adding new dialogue goes a long way to making a game like Stardew feel fresher, and so we are glad to see the world filling out in that regard.

Have you managed to kick your Stardew Valley habit? Will you be firing up another farm whenever update 1.6 does hit? Learn to love the natural world in the comments section below.