Gran Turismo Sport PS4
Image: Push Square

Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced plans to shut down online servers for PS4 exclusive racing sim, Gran Turismo Sport. The game, which has largely been superseded by Gran Turismo 7, will have its online functionality unplugged from 31st January, 2024.

The news was shared on the official Gran Turismo website. Prior to the online servers closing, from 1st December 2023, all add-ons will be removed from sale on PS Store. You'll still be able to access the add-ons you've already purchased, but you won't be able to buy more from that date.

"After the end of service date, it will no longer be possible to utilize online services such as the Community, Open Lobby, and Sport Mode, nor online features/items such as custom liveries," the post reads. "The offline portions of the game can still be played, including purchased Add-Ons."

While all the cars in your garage and offline progress will still be usable, anything online will be going away. That includes any custom liveries, purchasing items from the Mileage Store, and obviously all online modes. Any online-related Trophies will be unattainable from the closure date, too.

Of course, server shutdowns are always a bit of a bummer, and GT Sport's online competition focus means a lot of content will be going away. However, as mentioned earlier, Gran Turismo 7 has very much replaced it, so this announcement probably won't come as a huge surprise. If you have any unfinished business in GT Sport, though, you have about four months left to enjoy its online services.

Are you a big fan of GT Sport? Are you sad to see its online servers closing, or is GT7 doing a good job carrying the torch? Drive off into the sunset in the comments section below.

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