The esoteric and long-time-coming Quantum Error has a release date, and you can extinguish the fires in your mind when it launches on PS5 on 3rd November.

Quantum Error purports to tell the tale of a fireman investigating a high-tech facility under lockdown when things take a turn for the supernatural, with wormholes, tentacles, and madness, for starters. TeamKill has apparently harnessed the power of the PS5 to simulate fireman stuff, such as utilizing "the controller microphone to deliver breaths during CPR", which has us really jazzed.

TeamKill Media is a family affair, with the majority of the development done by four of the Jones brothers: Micah, Noah, Josiah, and D’artagnan. Quantum Error was announced back in 2020, and we've been keeping half an eye on it ever since.

What do you think of Quantum Error? Are you a fan of this kind of cosmic horror, or has it all been done to death? Let us know in the comments section below.