The third-party announcements for PlayStation 5 games are starting to come in at a much quicker pace now that Sony has taken its first steps along the road to fully revealing the next-gen console. And today we have the announcement of the PS5's first horror game, named Quantum Error. Described as a "cosmic horror first-person shooter", you can get a taste for it in the announcement trailer above. It joins the already announced Godfall and WRC 9 in being the first batch of confirmed PS5 games.

Could this be a PS5 launch game? We don't know yet, but the fact that the title is also coming to PlayStation 4 as a cross-gen release would suggest that this will be an experience launching early in the console's lifespan. The footage itself tells us very little, but the game does appear to be one where you actually fight back the monsters stalking you rather than hiding from them. The presence of a shotgun was enough to communicate that.

What do you think of Quantum Error? Are you looking forward to playing it on PS5? Get hyped in the comments below.