Persona 5's revolutionary spin-off, Tactica, is getting a series of character spotlights started with a bang. Atlus released a trailer showcasing the different gameplay stylings of Joker, Morgana, and dissenting radical Erina, a newcomer to the cause of the Phantom Thieves (or perhaps the other way around).

Whether you have had a gutful of Persona 5 or are loving every second of the expanded universe (or live in the happy in-between), the quality level at least remains as ridiculously high as you'd expect from a Persona game, even a spin-off. We can't wait to come to terms with this one (despite likely drowning in unplayed quality games) when it launches 17th November, on PS5 and PS4.

How are you feeling about Persona 5 Tactica? Does a tactical spin-off appeal? Does the shift to a chibi-like art style lose you? Spill your heart in the comments section below.