The First Descendant is a fast-paced looter shooter on track for PS5 and PS4, and we got a new gameplay trailer debuting the game's resident speedster, Bunny. For those interested, a crossplay open beta session is being held from 19th September, with PlayStation players invited to sign up.

In the vein of Destiny and Outriders, The First Descendant is a cooperative loot-based third-person shooter and one of those graphically insane free-to-play titles expected to hit the market sometime later this year or early next. Developed by Korean Studio Nexon Games, it has the potential to upend the established order, provided the gameplay is there, and the appetite for another lifestyle game exists

What do you think of The First Descendant? Is there room for another service-style sci-fi shooter in the space? Let us know in the comments section below.