Today we were blessed with a new cinematic trailer for The First Descendant, that excellent-looking free-to-play looter shooter that appears to be gunning for the Destiny crown. It's esoteric, concerned with larger-than-life forces, and set in a sci-fi universe on the brink of war. So very Destiny, indeed!

After inheriting mysterious cosmic powers, players will use them to defend humanity from a galaxy full of threats, like the alien Vulgus and the hulking Collosi. As a Descendant, it will be up to you to take the fight to the enemy and uncover the mystery behind your own place in the universe.

Honestly, it all looks great, and we can't wait to try this one for ourselves. Check out this trailer for a more gameplay-focused look at what to expect, or the plethora of preview content which is beginning to drop (Arekkz's coverage being particularly insightful).

What do you think of The First Descendant? Are you excited by the prospect of (potentially) a viable Destiny competitor? Optimise your loadout in the comments section below.