Earlier this month, Nexon published a short teaser trailer for its upcoming co-op shooter, The First Descendant. A few weeks down the line, we now have the full-length version of the trailer, embedded above.

One of the main draws of this free-to-play sci-fi shooter is that it's been built using Unreal Engine 5, and it sure does look the part. The large, detailed environments and intricate characters look great, and if it can all maintain a smooth frame rate, this will be a real looker.

In the trailer, we see various characters, each of whom appear to have their own abilities in addition to firing heavy weaponry. You'll need them in order to take down huge bosses, who have specific weaknesses, encouraging your four-person team to vary things up.

While it's clearly got some graphical grunt, the real test will be in how it plays. A PC beta test is coming in October, which you can sign up to via Steam, but hopefully it won't be much later when those on console can join the fun.

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