Announced back in 2021, it feels like we've been waiting on edgy Soulslike Lies of P forever, but we're in the homestretch now. The gritty take on the classic tale of Pinnochio will finally release on PS5 and PS4 on 19th September, and we got a cinematic trailer to tide us over in the meantime.

Channelling elements of both Bloodborne and Steelrising, a demo is now available for Lies of P, so if you want to try out the particulars of its stamina-based action RPG combat system, there's no time like the present. We thought it was extremely promising and are excited to jump in once the full game launches.

Are you excited for Lies of P, does it look like more of the same, or is there simply too much on your gaming plate right now? Let us know, be honest, and become a real boy in the comments section below.