Lies of P is an edgy Soulslike we've been anticipating for some time now, and we've seen plenty of gameplay and even tried it for ourselves in the recently released demo. And yet, we just got our best look yet at the game as a whole in an unexpected yet appreciated nine-minute-long gameplay showcase.

Quite mysterious previously, we see a salvo of systems and an onslaught of mechanics, with everything from P's Legion Arm, Fable Arts, Groggy Status, P-Organ, and the intriguing option to Lie to desperate humans and descend further down the path of the Puppet detailed. It all looks fantastic, simply put, and we're counting down the days until its 19th September launch on PS5 and PS4.

What do you think of Lies of P? Did you get to try out the demo? Let us know if this one has caught your eye in the comments section below.