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Diablo 4 players frustrated by a seasonal progression bug in the game's first live offering, Season of the Malignant, will be glad to know relief is on the way, although it's still almost a week out.

Blizzard head honcho Mike Ybarra was proudly displaying his own seasonal progression on X when a fan highlighted a forum post detailing the bug some players have experienced. The bug in question appears to prevent players from progressing beyond Slayer level because the completion of the quest A Boon in the Tide won't register. It requires the opening of a Helltide Chest, and players are reporting it won't trigger, even after multiple attempts.

Ybarra replied, "It's being fixed in a few days, I think the goal is [15th August]", which implies it won't be coming in the imminent 1.1.1. patch, which is expected to launch tomorrow, Tuesday, 8th August.

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