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Blizzard dropped the patch notes for Diablo 4's upcoming 1.1.1 patch earlier, and things seem... fine? In the place where Diablo 4's most dedicated players congregate to politely suggest how developer Blizzard might improve its already addictive game, first impressions seem positive. The patch itself is due on Tuesday, 8th August, and we suppose that will be the real test.

The promised additional incentive to murder Treasure Goblins is in, and Sorcerer and Barbarian mains, in particular, should be pleased to find their underperforming classes pleasantly buffed. Credit where it's due, that's twice this week Blizzard has seemingly avoided a misstep, and for that, we salute them.

Blizzard described the changes to Sorcerers as being focused on late-game survivability via the Paragon Board, with some class mechanics moving away from "Kiss-Curse" effects, e.g. something that empowers the player in one fashion but weakens them in another.

Barbarians, meanwhile, can look forward to the flow of combat in the early game being a bit more forgiving, with increased Fury generation for Basic Skills. Late-game Barbies can look forward to the power of Barbarian Unique Items being increased, as well.

More generally, Blizzard claims this patch should strengthen all builds that aren't reaching a high power level and diversify the use cases for Legendary items, making them less situational. There's a whole bunch more, but we'll let you peruse any relevant sections at your leisure.

What do think of the changes coming in Diablo 4's 1.1.1 patch? Politely suggest your own (Diablo-related, preferably) improvements in the comments section below.

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