Diablo 4 players of all skill levels live in fear of The Butcher, a super unique boss that has an infinitesimal chance of spawning every single time you enter a cellar or dungeon and making mincemeat out of you. The community has lived in fear ever since, but GoinPostle2 posted a video to YouTube that could very well save your life and is worth watching.

Essentially, it comes down to paying attention to musical cues. When entering a new area, if you hear the particular sound isolated in the above video, it means you're in imminent danger. The law of averages demands a price be paid for all that shiny, shiny loot, and The Butcher is here to collect. New players are obviously going to have a bad time, but veterans fear The Butcher as well, as they are more likely to be playing Hardcore characters, where one mistake means total character annihilation.

Have you fallen foul of The Butcher? Will you be trusting your ears the next time you go dungeon delving? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via ign.com]