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It's already Wednesday, and we haven't had any Diablo 4 drama this week (in fact, we got some good Treasure Goblin-related news). Not that this exactly counts, but Blizzard is hiring (or has already hired) a lead season designer to hopefully sort out the live service stuff, which seems like sound business sense to us, if a tad late.

The game's first season, Season of the Malignant, got off to a rocky start with a pre-season patch the community wasn't happy with, and the developers have been on defence ever since. We hadn't really considered until now that being the designer of live service seasons was a particular character class companies hired for, but of course, they are. GameRant got a look at it, and the successful applicant would need to have five years of experience, two of being that in a leadership position. The rest is fairly standard, although Blizzard does give the lucky new employee a choice between offices in New York, Texas, or California, which is pretty sweet. You can see a snippet below:

Diablo 4 Job Listing

How are you finding Diablo 4's Season of Malignant, did Lillith's siren song call yo you over the weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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