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  • Guide Stray Guide: Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles

    Your ultimate Stray resource

    Stray is a narrative adventure for PS5 and PS4 in which you play as a cute little cat. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, this is a linear game in which you explore a futuristic dystopia inhabited by robots, using feline agility to get around and solve puzzles. We really enjoyed the...

  • Guide Stray: All B-12 Memories Locations

    Where to find all B-12 Memories

    Where are all the B-12 Memories in Stray? In Stray, one of the main collectibles hidden throughout the game is B-12 Memories. These aren't just good for earning the I Remember! Trophy, they also unveil some interesting story and lore, so they're definitely worth finding. You also get an in-game reward for finding them...

  • Guide Stray: All Collectibles Locations

    Where to find all collectibles in Stray

    Where are all the collectibles in Stray? What are the collectibles and where do you find them? In Stray, there are a few collectibles for you to track down, and some of them are pretty tricky. As part of our Stray guide, we will be outlining all the collectibles and where to find them. Stray: All...

  • Guide Stray: All Badges Locations

    Where to find all Badges

    Where are all the Badges in Stray? One of the collectibles in Stray is a series of Badges that get pinned to the cat's harness, possibly one of the cutest reasons to explore the game fully. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to reveal how and where to unlock all the Badges. Finding all the Badges will earn you the

  • Guide Stray Trophy Guide: All PS5, PS4 Trophies and How to Get the Platinum

    Unlock all the Trophies in Stray

    In this Stray Trophy guide, we will be going through the game's list of Trophies, explaining each of them and telling you how to unlock them all. As part of our Stray guide, you can use this Trophy roadmap to chart your progress towards unlocking the Platinum. If you want to know about Stray's Trophies and how to...

  • Guide Stray: Midtown

    Complete walkthrough for Midtown in Stray

    Midtown is the 10th chapter in Stray, taking place after you beat Antvillage. It's another large, open level with lots to see and do. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Midtown, explaining how to get through the chapter's main path. If you're looking for collectibles in Midtown, s

  • Guide Stray: All Chapters

    How many chapters are there in Stray?

    What are all the chapters in Stray? If you're playing Stray, you might want to know more about all the chapters in the game, as well as how many there are. As part of our Stray guide, we have the full rundown of all chapters. Below is a list of every chapter in the game, amounting to a full walkthrough...

  • Guide Stray: The Slums Part 1

    Complete walkthrough for The Slums in Stray

    The Slums is the fourth chapter in Stray, taking place after you beat The Flat, and is much larger than previous chapters. It's a fairly sizeable sandbox environment you can explore to your heart's content. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Slums, explaining how to get through...

  • Round Up Baldur's Gate 3 Reviews Rate It as One of the Best RPGs Ever Made

    Sitting at a ridiculous 97 on Metacritic

    It's felt like Baldur's Gate 3 would be a hit for quite some time, but we didn't quite expect it to have such a colossal impact. The highly anticipated RPG isn't out on PS5 until next month, but PC reviews, impressions, and reviews-in-progress are painting a frankly ridiculous picture. Indeed, on its current...

  • Guide Stray: Rooftops

    Complete walkthrough for Rooftops in Stray

    Rooftops is the fifth chapter in Stray, in which you must reach the top of a tower and install the Transceiver. It follows on from The Slums. You'll explore a new area and clamber across the city, which is infested with those pesky Zurks. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Rooftops,...

  • Guide Stray: All Music Sheets Locations

    Where to find all Music Sheets in Stray

    Where are all the Music Sheets in Stray? One of the collectibles in Stray is Music Sheets, which can be given to a robot named Morusque who will play them for you. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to tell you where to find all the Music Sheets. Getting all of them will earn you the Meo

  • Guide Stray: Dead City

    Complete walkthrough for Dead City in Stray

    Dead City is the second chapter in Stray, in which you descend into the game's dystopian setting. It takes place after finishing the previous chapter, Inside the Wall. This chapter introduces you to the darker side of the game, showing a forgotten city that's infested with deadly critters. As part of our...

  • Guide Stray: The Slums Part 2

    Complete walkthrough for The Slums Part 2 in Stray

    The Slums Part 2 is the sixth chapter in Stray, in which you return to the city and continue your mission after fixing the antenna in Rooftops. You'll meet new characters and help them track down friends. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Slums Part 2, explaining how to...

  • Guide Stray: The Flat

    Complete walkthrough for The Flat in Stray

    The Flat is the third chapter in Stray, where you'll meet your companion, B-12. Following on from Dead City, it's a short chapter, but an important one for the main story of the game. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Flat, explaining how to get through the chapter and...

  • Guide Stray: Dead End

    Complete walkthrough for Dead End in Stray

    Dead End is the seventh chapter in Stray, which takes you outside the safety of The Slums Part 2. This chapter is all about tracking down a character named Doc, who may have a way to deal with those nasty Zurks. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Dead End, explaining how to get...

  • Guide Stray: The Sewers

    Complete walkthrough for The Sewers in Stray

    The Sewers is the eighth chapter in Stray, following on from the events of Dead End. This chapter unsurprisingly takes you through the dangerous sewer system, which is crawling with Zurks — but it's the only way to get to Zbaltazar. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Sewer

  • Guide Stray: Control Room

    Complete walkthrough for Control Room in Stray

    Control Room is the 12th and last chapter in Stray, following on from Jail. Obviously, this chapter wraps up the story — you're very nearly done. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Control Room, explaining how to get through the chapter and pointing out any collectibles. For...

  • Guide Stray: Jail

    Complete walkthrough for Jail in Stray

    Jail is the 11th chapter in Stray, taking place after you beat Midtown. The cat's in trouble, and has been thrown in the slammer — obviously, you need to bust out. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Jail, explaining how to get through the chapter's main path. If you're looking for...

  • Guide Stray: Antvillage

    Complete walkthrough for Antvillage in Stray

    Antvillage is the ninth chapter in Stray, taking place after you complete The Sewers. In it, you'll see a peaceful tower structure, home to a few robots including Zbaltazar, who you're looking for. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Antvillage, explaining how to get through the...

  • News 8 PS5, PS4 Games Are Leaving PS Plus Extra, Premium Soon

    This is your last chance

    You should be pretty familiar with the PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium cadence now, which sees the addition of new titles every month – and also the departure of some releases as well. This coming 19th September, 2023, several somewhat high-profile titles will exit Sony’s service, including Deathloop and Watch Dogs 2...

  • News PS Store Reloads with Almost 2,000 PS5, PS4 Deals

    Across both full games and DLC

    Almost 2,000 games and expansions have been discounted as part of a new PS Store promotion, which will run through 30th August, 2023. Some of the highlights include Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for £38.49/$41.99, Dead Island 2’s Gold Edition for £55.99/$62.99, and GTA 5 for just £16.49/$19.79. There are also savings...

  • Guide Stray: Inside the Wall

    Complete walkthrough for Inside the Wall in Stray

    Inside the Wall is the first chapter in Stray, introducing you to the game and its world. It acts mostly as a tutorial, getting you used to behaving and navigating like a cat. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Inside the Wall, explaining how to get through the chapter. This...

  • News Diablo 4 Players Use 'Dopamine Tunnels' to Gain 40 Levels in 2 Hours

    Packed to the rafters

    The Diablo series is a grindy one; it's part of the charm. Diablo 4 is no different, and whenever a game demands grinding, some heroic individuals will take it upon themselves to find the most optimal way to do so. One such route has been discovered in Diablo 4, using the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon, or the "Dopamine Tunnels", so...

  • News Amazing Looking Open World Crimson Desert Returns at Gamescom Opening Night Live

    It was delayed indefinitely in 2021

    Remember Crimson Desert? The impressive looking open world adventure was first shown at The Game Awards back in 2020, and it was one of those gameplay trailers that had people questioning whether it was actually real footage. Roughly six months later, the project was delayed indefinitely, with developer Pearl Aby

  • News Quantum Error 'A Complete Game', No Microtransactions or Platform Exclusive Content

    Go on

    Quantum Error is a cosmic horror game on the docket for PS5 (recently doing away with the PS4 version), and we've been keeping an eye on it for a while now. Its intriguing setup (firefighters sent to help survivors of a research facility in lockdown encounter an interdimensional entity), along with some meaty-looking gunplay, has us hoping for...

  • Guide Stray: Does the Cat Die?

    Does the cat from Stray live?

    Does the cat die in Stray? If you're a pet owner, or are sensitive to animal deaths in media, you might be wondering whether Stray on PS5 and PS4 is going to do the unthinkable. Seeing animals die in movies and shows is always sad, but when they're creatures you've grown to love during the runtime, the blow is that much...

  • Guide Stray: Is It Open World?

    Can you explore freely in Stray?

    Is Stray an open world game? You may be wondering whether or not Stray takes place in an open world environment. Playing as a cat in a run-down robot city, it looks like a fun place to explore, but it's unclear if it's open world or not. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to tell you whether the game is an open...

  • News Meet Bunny, The First Descendant's Fastest Combatant on PS5, PS4

    Think Tracer, but faster

    The First Descendant is a fast-paced looter shooter on track for PS5 and PS4, and we got a new gameplay trailer debuting the game's resident speedster, Bunny. For those interested, a crossplay open beta session is being held from 19th September, with PlayStation players invited to sign up. In the vein of Destiny and...

  • News DC Universe Online Levels Up with Native PS5 Version This Holiday

    Gameplay and quality of life improvements pledged

    Superhero MMO DC Universe Online’s lifespan has been so long that it originally released as a PS3 console exclusive under the Sony Online Entertainment umbrella. The publisher was eventually spun off and re-established as Daybreak Game Company, where it continues to operate its licensed online open...

  • News TMNT: Shredder's Revenge DLC Drops on 31st August with a Newly Revealed Character


    The anticipated Dimension Shellshock DLC for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge has a release date, and it ain't far off. The expansion, which features a rather robust sounding survival mode, is out on the 31st August. It also boasts not one, but two new playable characters: samurai rabbit Miyamoto Usagi, who was...

  • Guide Stray: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

    How many hours long is Stray?

    How long does it take to beat Stray? If you're interested in playing Stray, you're probably wondering how long the game is. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to reveal how roughly long it takes to complete the game. For a more detailed breakdown of the game and its chapters, see our guide: Stray: All Chapters...

  • News Hammerwatch 2 Could Provide a Pixelated Baldur's Gate Alternative on PS5, PS4

    Pixel party

    Hammerwatch II is a gorgeous-looking cooperative hack and slasher, out today on PC but promised for PS5 and PS4 later this year. Players intrigued by grognard games like Baldur's Gate or Pillars of Eternity might find something to like here, albeit something played at a much quicker pace, with more focus on its four-player co-op...

  • Guide Genshin Impact: How to Get to Fontaine

    Surf and turf

    Looking for how to get to Fontaine in Genshin Impact? Fontaine is one of the seven major regions in Teyvat, and is the home of the Hydro archon. It can be accessed upon completing the Archon Quest named Song of the Dragon and Freedom, although it should be noted that you won't be able to begin Chapter IV's storyline until you've made...

  • News Set in the Expanding 'Neighbor Universe', Hello Engineer Is a Tonal Shift for PS4 Tinkerers

    Don't trust anyone

    Just announced, Hello Engineer is a collaborative tinkerers toolbox coming to PS4, and soon: craft vehicles and machines (alone or with friends), with your creations seemingly limited only by your own imagination from 17th August. We had to check twice, but Hello Engineer is indeed set in the expanding Hello Neighbor Universe...

  • News SEGA Would Like to Remind You Hyenas Exists

    Get the merch

    It's a warm, sleepy Wednesday at the time of writing, and SEGA's just dropped a highly energetic new trailer for its upcoming extraction shooter, Hyenas. Just to recap, this is the publisher's sci-fi first-person shooter that has teams of players competing to steal a bunch of merch from big evil corporations. You'll get the gist of it...

  • News Melee Multiplayer Game Broken Edge Takes a Swing at PSVR2 in September

    It's time to duel

    Broken Edge looks to be the pastel-coloured, first-person, online multiplayer swordfighting game you've been waiting for. Releasing last year for PC virtual reality platforms, this is a well-liked title that's heading to PSVR2 on 19th September 2023, where it'll take advantage of the headset and controller's fancy features. The...

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