Twisted Metal Completes Grand Comeback with PS Plus Premium Pair Ahead of TV Show Debut 1
Image: Push Square

Love it or loathe it, Twisted Metal is one of Sony’s oldest first-party franchises. It’s also the platform holder’s earliest hit: while the series didn’t catch on quite the same in Europe, it spawned multiple sequels during the PS1 era, and would go on to receive various entries across PS2, PSP, and even most recently PS3.

While there’s speculation of a new game in development, this month will see the series thrust back into the limelight with the release of Peacock’s live action TV show adaptation. That’ll air starting 27th July, and in order to get you in the mood, Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 will both be releasing as emulated classics on PS Plus Premium starting next week.

The original Twisted Metal is a scrappy but iconic vehicular deathmatch game, and its sequel further refined the concept. Both will be available with quality of life features on the PS5 and PS4, including save states and rewind. We’ll be fascinated to see if Twisted Metal 3, Twisted Metal 4, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal: Head On eventually get ported over as well.

There’s no word on whether either of the original games will include Trophies, but Sony has been pretty good at updating its classics to include them, so we’d be surprised if they’re not officially supported. And it’s worth noting even if you don’t have PS Plus Premium, if you bought either of these games on the PS3, PSP, or PS Vita, they should be free for you to download.

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