Twisted Metal PS5 Firesprite Games Sony PlayStation 5

We know there’s a Twisted Metal television show in post-production right now, and rumour has it Firesprite Games is working on an all-new PS5 entry in the storied Sony series. While the project’s yet to be officially announced, fans have been digging for information for quite some time, and a selection of job listings appear to include some shreds of new information.

Originally spotted by ResetEra, many of the job listings refer to a AAA multiplayer action game being developed in Unreal Engine 5; none of them mention Twisted Metal by name. According to the post for a Principal Physics Programmer, the “bold project aims to break new ground in multiplayer, blending gameplay mechanics in new ways and deeply embedding storytelling elements into a unique universe”. It’s suggested that you may be able to control your character as well as your car, marking a departure for the franchise.

The listing goes on to add that “experience developing gameplay for VR would be useful”. Firesprite Games is one of the better virtual reality developers in Sony’s stable, having developed The Persistence and Horizon Call of the Mountain. The platform holder has indicated its desire to create hybrid software, playable both in and out of PSVR2, so we suppose that’s a possibility here.

While the job listings are undoubtedly interesting, they’re purposefully vague, and frankly we don’t think there’s a fat lot of substance to extract from them. One position mentions “knowledge of a range of game services such as Steam and PSN back ends” as a desirable, but we don’t think this necessarily confirms the title will be available on PC at launch – even if PS Studios boss Hermen Hulst has hinted at the possibility in the past. Ultimately, we’ll just need to await more information from the manufacturer.

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