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Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at this point (considering how many times we've purchased different iterations of Persona games previously), but Persona 3 Reload is looking like it will retail for $69.99. That's despite being based on the initial PS2 version of the game, which may not include features existing fans might remember from subsequent (and more popular) iterations like FES or Portable. While Reload is clearly shaping up to be an incredible game in its own right, the price tag stings, and for a couple of reasons.

Word comes to us by way of a since-deleted Tweet, the meat of which has been preserved on Resetera. There, we see a snippet from a recent survey sent out by parent SEGA, and it seems they've left the price tag on. SEGA is yet to confirm or deny anything either way, but considering the company all but promised it would be jacking prices, again, we shouldn't be surprised. To be entirely fair to SEGA, all the cool companies are putting their prices up, and it can be hard to feel like an outsider.

There is, admittedly, an element of cross-console envy to all this which needs addressing: Persona 3 Reload will be available day one via Xbox Game Pass when it launches next year. We'd be far more excited about the package Reload is (rather than be distracted by what it isn't) were PlayStation Plus to offer the same, but that particular ship, it seems, has sailed. Maybe get it on Game Pass?

That might be the best option while we wait for the inevitable Re-Reload Edition, which (we hope) will return to us our beloved FeMC, Persona 3's true protagonist. Wielding the infinitely more-based naginata over the boring, bog standard katana, the worst part is, we'd pay full price for that version, and on day one, to boot. Become part of the problem in the comments section below.