PS5's Remote Play Portable Appears to Leak Online Project Q 1

Sony’s interesting Remote Play handheld for PS5, officially announced earlier in the year, appears to have leaked. Video footage of what appears to be a prototype unit is being shared around social media, as well as photos of it in various states of disassembly. Effectively, the device looks like an extended elongated DualSense controller, with a small LCD tablet screen in the middle.

The footage, which does appear to be legitimate, shows that the unit has a touchscreen. It also has a few buttons along the top, presumably for powering up the device and controlling its volume. The Japanese giant’s already said that this will feature all of the unique functionality of its PS5 controller, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

It’s worth underlining once more, however, that this is not a true handheld like the PS Vita with its own processor. Instead, this works in conjunction with Remote Play, so you’ll need to own a PS5 in order to utilise it. The goal for this product is so you can continue playing around your house, or when your television is occupied. It’s a niche idea, but one we suspect may find a small target market.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, we’re also fairly confident this is going to eventually work with Sony’s upgraded PS Plus Premium cloud gaming offering. Earlier in the year, the platform holder announced plans to add PS5 games to its streaming suite, although it did admit it’s still in the “early stages” of rolling out this expanded functionality.