Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 Project Q Handheld Remote Play 1
Image: Push Square

Sony’s hastily announced PS5 streaming handheld, currently codenamed Project Q, will feature all of the functionality of a traditional DualSense controller, a press release has confirmed. The device, which features an 8-inch LCD screen capable of outputting 1080p images at 60 frames-per-second, has been specifically designed to enable off-screen gameplay, so you can continue playing while your friends and family watch TV – or even when you’re upstairs in bed.

But it’ll be sacrificing none of the traditional PS5 experience in the process, as the device will include full haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, just like a traditional DualSense pad. The Japanese giant promises the device will “deliver crisp visuals and smooth gameplay”, but it’s important to reiterate that this peripheral won’t run any games natively – it’ll need to be connected to your console via Wi-Fi in order to work.

More information, according to the organisation, will be announced later in the year.