At this point, Square Enix appears to have taken several chapters out of the Jim Ryan Marketing Playbook, inundating fans with so much Final Fantasy XVI gameplay it appears that the Japanese firm aims to achieve Total Mindshare.

Despite politely requesting an end to things pre-PlayStation Showcase, we've had the Liquid Flame Boss fight trailer in the week since, and now this latest today, courtesy of IGN's First initiative. We've been sold on Final Fantasy 16 for quite a long time ago now, to be clear. We also understand Squeenix is targeting a new demographic with this latest release, and we have to imagine the hits won't stop coming until launch day (but there are no guarantees it ends there).

What do you think Square Enix is doing with this Final Fantasy 16 marketing blitz? It's hard to recommend quality over quantity when each trailer is this good because, eventually, that quantity starts to take on a quality all its own. Are you on a total media blackout, or can you simply not look away? Let us know in the comments section below.

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