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If you were worried that Clive, the protagonist of the eagerly-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI, was going to end up sounding like Snow from XIII or something, then fear not! The English voice cast of XVI will have British English accents, so as to accentuate the game's fantasy medieval setting.

Speaking to the Japanese website, Dengeki Online, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida had the following to say on the matter.

This is especially true for our generation, but there is an image that ‘Medieval fantasy = Europe’ made popular by The Lord of the Rings.

Currently, there is no game that depicts a medieval fantasy world of this scale with PS5 class graphics. So we decided to focus on the scenery of medieval Europe and fused it with the fantasy we came up with.

This time, the motion capture and voice acting are performed by European actors. However, since we Japanese designed the game, we first wrote the script in Japanese, then translated it into English, and then did facial capture in English after.

But even though it’s in English, we’ve been careful not to include any American accents. The decision was made to prevent American players from getting angry: ‘I was looking forward to medieval European fantasy, so why are there American accents?!’ (Laughs). Therefore, all lines are recorded in British English.

It's a pretty interesting justification and one that certainly makes sense given the game's setting.

In other XVI news, we recently learned that the game is "fully playable from start to finish", that there will be a "support system" for players unused to action combat, and that Clyde will be accompanied by a party, but you won't be able to control them.

What do you think of Yoshida's justification for using British English accents in Final Fantasy XVI? Which Final Fantasy game has featured the worst accents to date? Let us know why it was Vanille and Fang's desecration of the Australian dialect in the comments section below.

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