It's been nine long years since the launch of the last mainline Final Fantasy game, and the anticipation for Final Fantasy XVI (launching 22nd June on PS5) is becoming an all-consuming conflagration. Dumping further fuel on the flames (pardon the pun), Square Enix, via IGN's First series, has debuted some scintillating new boss battle gameplay, dubbed "Liquid Flame", which sounds undeniably epic, doesn't it?

This presented us with something of a quandary, that was only resolved after considerable self-reflection. As pointed out in the comments section of IGN's video, the gameplay is uncut and doesn't feature commentary. We felt this gave us the professional, legal and moral loophole to view it after heroically declaring we'd seen enough.

Where are you at with Final Fantasy XVI, and how are you passing the time? Meltdown entirely in the comments section below.