PS5 PlayStation 5 PS Plus Bundle 1
Image: Push Square

There’s some debate over whether PS Plus Premium offers value for money, but it’s getting weaker as Sony continues to extend the selection of software available with its most expensive subscription. One thing that’s inarguable, however, is that new PS5 owners can get an absurd amount of content with the membership – especially if they’re new to the ecosystem.

This leaked bundle makes a lot of sense then: official product images spotted by Twitter user ZubyTech appear to show a disc-based PS5 console with two years of PS Plus Premium included. At the time of writing, that’ll get you access to 948 games, excluding any future additions – including the trio of monthly PS Plus Essential games that get added at the start of every month.

Assuming PS Plus continues to improve – and based on last week’s comments, that definitely appears to be the plan – then it may be difficult to argue against the value of this bundle. We’re not entirely sure how much it’ll cost yet (or whether it’ll be available globally), but the boxart suggests these pictures are coming out of Germany.

We’ll contact Sony and see if it has plans to release this package worldwide. In the meantime, let us know if you think this bundle makes sense in the comments section below.