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Sony has outlined some of its plans for PS Plus moving forwards, and while it doesn’t believe it needs to change course with its current strategy, it insisted that it’s not going to rest on its laurels. Speaking with Games, the organisation’s global head of subscriptions Nick Maguire insisted that the company will continue working to grow the service.

“It's about finding how we add new features that players want, new games that people are asking us for that we don't have, other benefits that they are asking for,” he said about the future of Sony’s flagship subscription. “[It’s about] how do we keep the service relevant, make it more valuable, and bring more people in.”

Recent reports in the US have suggested that overall gaming subscription growth has stalled, and Maguire confirmed that while the introduction of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium had increased Sony’s revenue, the actual number of members had gone down. However, he clarified that this dip is attributed to a downturn in interest in the aftermath of the pandemic, and the service is starting to grow again.

And he continued that while the Japanese giant is satisfied with how things are going right now, it’s always thinking far into the future as well: “It's about […] making sure we aren't getting complacent or being in the present too much. We are thinking about what is next and trying to predict what players might want in a year’s time or five years’ time. It's really exciting.”

One way Sony is looking to evolve PS Plus in the near future is with the addition of PS5 streaming, which will be rolling out later this year. This will allow you to stream titles in the PS Plus Game Catalogue, as well as “select” digital titles you own. It’s probably safe to assume the same functionality will also extend to the upcoming Project Q handheld, although that remains unconfirmed right now.

What do you think is next for PS Plus? Obviously, the platform holder has already ruled out day one first-party releases, so that doesn’t appear to be part of its plans in the short-term. But is there anything else in particular you’d like to see added to improve the overall service? Let us know in the comments section below.