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There’s so much to do in GTA Online these days that it can be borderline impossible for new players to wrap their heads around – unless they’re using our GTA Online guide, of course. Fortunately, a new update incoming next week will streamline your criminal career, allowing you to observe your progress at a glance from the pause screen. This, curiously, will only be available on the PS5 version – if you’re still playing on PS4, then you’re out of luck.

Rockstar has been making efforts of late to listen to its community and streamline its online experience. This includes the recent announcement of a new sprint control option, which will remove the need to mash the X button in order to sprint. Other improvements include the merging of SecuroServ and Motorcycle Clubs, so you only need to “register as a boss” from now on. And you’ll be able to give your garages custom names, so you can remember what fleet of cars you’ve got stored at them.

All of this is coming alongside the new Top Gun-inspired San Andreas Mercenaries expansion from 13th June, and we’re certainly looking forward to getting stuck in. Do you have any interest in returning to Los Santos, or are you waiting patiently for GTA 6 at this point?