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Do you know what absolutely sucks about GTA 5? Having to mash the X button like an absolute maniac in order to sprint. Every other developer figured out that holding a single button, or popping in the left analogue stick, is the best way to handle fast-paced on-foot locomotion in games – apart from Rockstar, apparently.

But a new update will include an option in the Settings menu to allow you to run by simply holding down the X button. It should be noted that this feature is mentioned in the context of GTA Online, but we’d be shocked if it didn’t also apply to the offline single player campaign as well. In fact, we think we might revolt if not!

After a decade of development, Rockstar has finally turned to fans for feedback on the game, and it’s generally been improving the experience ever since. Most notably, it recently enabled the option to complete jobs and make money in Invite-only server sessions, so you don’t have to deal with the griefers who typically inhabit GTA Online.

Obviously, the game’s been running for a long time now, so this may be too little too late. But as we still return to Los Santos on the regular, we can tell you we’re pretty stoked to see the improved sprint option added at last.