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The ever-glowing embers of GTA 6 speculation have once again caught flame after a recent Instagram live session got tongues wagging. Once again, it's veteran voice actor and presumed protagonist-to-be Bryan Zampella and his continued costumed antics that have drawn attention.

During the Instagram live session, Zampella (this time pulling off a Hawaiian shirt reminiscent of Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti's and wielding a baseball bat) sits down with ex-Rockstar dev Joseph L. Rubino for a chat. Over the course of said chat, Zampella drops all kinds of references to things like Florida and Miami, hanging out in clubs, the various "missions" he's been on, and that he can be more specific about his adventures "in the next few weeks".

Zampella's comments, combined with some of the wilder theories from the community, make us think we might learn more in the weeks to come. Perhaps it could be in relation to whatever 50 Cent was on about?

What do you think Zampella is up to? Officially sanctioned hype mission, or rogue criminal element marching to the beat of his own drum? Inflame further speculation in the comments section below.