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The wait for Grand Theft Auto VI has been a long one indeed, with only a general idea of when it might release. Major updates like the recent Mercenaries expansion help (as does the fact they finally modernised sprint controls). And yet some fans are finding the wait harder than others as we approach the 10th anniversary of GTA V.

InfinityBesk, over on Twitter, found a way to pass the time and did so by running symbols found on a data-mined in-game anniversary shirt through a decoder. This spat out a secret message: "One Day Will Reveal All." While cryptic, ominous, and cool sounding, it could refer to anything really. Alien imagery is also featured, but in truth, this could refer to aliens previously featured in the series, potential DLC, or nothing at all.

Another shirt found by combing through GTA Online's code was the one below, which reads "Rockstar Says Relax", making us think the company is on the joke.

We imagine GTA VI will be ready when it's ready and not a moment before, and likely to be well worth the wait. How have you been killing time? Are you still logging into GTA V regularly? Let us know in the comments section below.