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As if the wait wasn't already bad enough, the actor rumoured to be playing one of Grand Theft Auto 6's protagonists, Bryan Zampella, appears to be teasing fans (or trolling them) on Instagram.

Chronicled by Mors Mutual Insurance and Gaming Detective over on Twitter, Zampella absolutely knows what he's doing, recreating the outfit and even the backdrop of the character (Jason) seen during the historic (and completely unprecedented) Great Rockstar Leak of 22'.

The rabbit hole goes deeper if you want it to; a pic of a senior camera artist from Rockstar snapped with Zampella has emerged, with part of the caption reading, "One of my best buddies with oodles of talent. be on the watch for [Zampella's former handle]." This has been taken as evidence of Zampella's involvement by some in the community.

Of course, it's nothing concrete, but certainly food for thought in these hungry times. For balance, LegacyKillaHD, again on Twitter, claims that (according to a source) Zampella will not be portraying Jason after all. Are we just getting caught up in the moment, or is something really going on here? Let us know in the comments section below.