PS5 Streaming Energy Prices 1
Image: Push Square

While the PS5 is an excellent all-round entertainment box, it may not be your best bet for streaming apps like Netflix and the recently re-released Disney +. This is because the power draw when using your new-gen system is significantly higher than a dedicated device, like a Chromecast or Apple TV. And with many of us keeping a close eye on our energy usage, either for financial or environmental reasons, this seems like sound advice.

According to research from FlatPanelsHD, as shared by, a PS5 uses about 70 to 80 Watts while streaming, compared to just 2.5 to 3.2 Watts on a Chromecast or 3 to 4 Watts on an Apple TV. That comparison gets even more unwieldy, around 90 to 95 Watts, on an original PS4. It goes without saying that using consoles to watch your favourite shows is ultimately going to cost you more than a low-powered alternative.

It’s also worth mentioning that the experience is arguably not as good on a PlayStation, with output often forcing HDR where it’s not natively supported and a lack of framerate matching, which can lead to some video stutter. Furthermore, the PS5 notoriously lacks support for Dolby Vision or Atmos, which is a big bugbear for fans.

Now, obviously we’re not suggesting you delete your Netflix and Disney + apps: if you’re only spending a few hours a week watching shows on your consoles, it’s unlikely to be cost effective to go out and buy a Chromecast instead. But in this era of absurd energy prices, it’s absolutely worth keeping in mind.

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