What if, instead of supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars, you played Rocket League with a bow and arrow? That’s the question Nock seeks to answer, an upcoming PSVR2 projectiles-based sports game where, instead of driving a ball into the goal, you need to, well, knock it in. The game’s got a great, techno-style aesthetic to it, as evidenced by the trailer above.

And in addition to a 25th May release date, the PS Blog comes armed with additional details. The title will run at 90 frames-per-second on PSVR2, and it’ll feature full support for all of the headset’s features, including haptic feedback. There’ll also be a spectator camera, so your friends can cheer you on from a different perspective by looking at the television screen.

One really neat bonus is that everyone who buys the game on PS5 will get a free Season Pass, allowing you to unlock an additional 30 skins, bows, and other cosmetics. There’ll still be full crossplay with other virtual reality headsets, however – that’s just an added incentive for purchasing the game on PlayStation. Sweet!

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