Multiple PS Studios Working on Mobile, As Sony Targets Smartphone Boom 1
Image: Push Square

Sony is gradually trying to expand its brand outside of its core PS5 pillar. While the console remains paramount to its PlayStation business, the Japanese giant believes it can attract more fans to its franchises by creating movie adaptations, releasing titles on PC, and establishing a smartphone division. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the manufacturer mention mobile: you may recall it headhunted a high-level executive from Apple Arcade, and acquired developer Savage Game Studios.

In a presentation overnight, the firm admitted that it has “multiple internal studios working on mobile games”, including the aforementioned German team, which has now been fully integrated under the Sony Interactive Entertainment umbrella. It sounds like the platform holder has a triple-pronged approach here: partnering with experienced mobile studios on existing series, acquiring new developers, and fleshing out its recently established smartphone-focused publishing team.

Multiple PS Studios Working on Mobile, As Sony Targets Smartphone Boom 2

All of this, of course, will continue to reshape the way Sony’s first-party output looks. It predicts that as of Fiscal Year 2025, which starts April 2025 and ends March 2026, approximately 10 to 15 per cent of its output will be mobile-based. Furthermore, it predicts about 35 per cent of its releases will be on PC, with the remaining 50 per cent on PS5. Obviously those PC games are likely to be ports of older titles.

It’ll be interesting to see how this smartphone division evolves. Obviously there’s big money to be made in mobile, as recent releases like Honkai: Star Rail have proven. The question is: how does it intend to capture that market, and with what kind of software? While we’ve been hearing about this strategy for quite some time, we’re still waiting for a firm roadmap of releases to be outlined by the organisation. Consider our interest piqued, however.