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It’s rare we get an interview from any of PlayStation’s top brass anymore, so we’re always eager to dig through the comments whenever the likes of group president Jim Ryan open their mouth. Unfortunately, it feels like the PS5 has become a forgotten format of late, as all the executives want to talk about is PC and smartphones. You’d be forgiven for overlooking the fact the firm has a new console to support!

PS Studios boss Hermen Hulst toed a familiar line in his chat with gaming newsletter Axios, focusing predominantly on the platform holder’s push outside of its own ecosystem. There’s not an enormous amount of interesting information in the interview: the cost of Sony’s tentpole titles is rocketing, and adding PC as a platform is helping it to make a return on its investments. Meanwhile, its drive into mobile is still nascent, but it very much wants a piece of the pie.

What of the PS5, then? Well, as we know, it has 12 live service titles in development, as it looks to strengthen its position in the increasingly profitable multiplayer space. Not all of these projects will be new intellectual property, according to Hulst, with projects like Horizon’s rumoured mulitplayer spin-off belonging to existing brands as well. Obviously, we also know The Last of Us is getting a major online iteration, too.

Hulst points out that none of this is going to end the company’s commitment to single player titles, but he failed to elaborate on what we can expect as the PS5 enters its third year on the market. So in summary, another rare interview with a PlayStation executive and very little in the way of a roadmap for its latest console – we’d like to pretend we’re surprised, but this is just par for the course with Sony’s top brass in 2022, isn’t it?