Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation

Yuri Lowenthal portrays Peter Parker in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2, where we know a series of unfortunate events have apparently led to a bleak future for New York City. We've seen the actor portraying a very aggressive Venom-suited Spidey in that recent gameplay reveal, the actor has described the work that was done to portray the alien entity.

Speaking at Momocon 2023 (thanks TheDirect), Lowenthal said the team worked "really, really, hard" to find the right tone and direction for the portrayal of such an angry entity "because sometimes it just sounded comical" and had to be reworked.

Elaborating, Lowenthal explains: "We looked at addiction in people and what the behaviours of addiction are. That’s really what we went to for inspiration and to find the levels of it. It’s not always the same, you know, every time. So yeah, addiction would be my simple answer.”

While details remain scant about the exact implementation, the Spider-Man Symbiote arc is a well-worn territory in modern media. Expect emotional outbursts and collateral damage, and hope to see this classic 90s homage.

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